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Civil Engineering

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Civil Engineering Department

Ch. Devi Lal State Institute of Engineering & Technology College

Introduction To The Department

The Department was established in the year 2006 with an intake of 30 students and currently the intake is increased to 60 students .

The Laboratories include Soil Mechanics, Surveying, Concrete Testing, Soil Mechanics/Geotechnology, Fluid Mechanics, Environment Engg, Transportation Engg and Computer Application.

Soil Mechanics Lab includes the basic testing of soils and their properties using Pycnometer, density bottles, liquid limit apparatus, sieve analysis etc.

Surveying Lab includes the study of features on the ground and to make a plan of the same by using different instruments such as Total Station, Digital Theodolite, Dumpy Level, Plane Table, Compass, Tangent Clinometers and many more.

Concrete Testing, as the name indicates includes the testing of cement and concrete for various properties such as hardness, fineness, compressive strength, Workability etc. using Compression Testing Machine, Sieve Sets, Vicat”s Needle Apparatus, etc.

Soil Mechanics/Geotechnology Lab includes the testing of soils for the various advance properties using Triaxial Testing Machine, Direct shear Test Apparatus, etc.

Fluid Mechanics Lab includes the study of the flow of water, with various internal properties of the water studied by Stoke’s Law, Forced Voretx , Free Vortex, Reynold”s Apparatus etc.

Environment Engg. Lab includes the testing of waste water and sewage water for various parameters such as pH value, acidity, alkalinity, hardness, chloride content, COD, BOD, Total solids, suspended solids etc.

Transportation Engg. Lab includes the testing of materials involved in the construction of roads such as coarse aggregates, bitumen etc for various parameters like impact value, attrition, abrasion, viscosity, penetration test, ductility test, flash and fire point test etc.

Computer Application Lab gives the facility to learn the new and competitive softwares related to Civil Engineering.

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Message From The Desk Of HOD

The Civil Engineering Department was established in 2006-2007 in Ch. Devi Lal Memorial Government Engineering College, Panniwala Mota, Sirsa (now Ch. Devi Lal State Institute of Engineering & Technology, Panniwala Mota, Sirsa.)
With the establishment of Civil Engg. Deptt., I feel greatly encouraged for the course with an intake of 60 students in Ist year and 12 students in IInd Year.
Presently there are 07 M.Tech Faculty members, all having degrees from different reputed Universities in different fields of Civil Engineering.
The Department is housed in the Academic building of the College having Laboratories namely Soil Mechanics, Surveying, Concrete Testing, Geotechnology, Environmental Engg., Fluid Mechanics and Computer Application.

Er. Manik Goyal 
Asstt. Professor & HOD
Civil Engineering Department

Courses Offered

  • Name of Course: B.Tech (Civil Engineering)
  • Seats: 60

Lesson Plans

1st Semester2nd Semester 3rd Semester4th Semester 5th Semester6th Semester7th Semester8th Semester
Programming for Problem Solving by Varsha Rani (864 downloads) SURVEYING-I (520 downloads) FM II Lab (357 downloads) Lesson plan of AFM 5th sem (0 downloads) Air and Noise Pollution control (629 downloads) Transportation Engg-II (0 downloads) Lesson plan of HWR (352 downloads)
Programming for Problem Solving Lab by Varsha Rani (778 downloads) Surveying-I Lab (528 downloads) FM II (350 downloads) lesson plan of dcs-1lab (0 downloads) Transportation Engg-I(P) (636 downloads) Foundation Engineering (509 downloads) LESSION PLAN OF DCS-II (353 downloads)
Lesson plan Engineering chemistry by Sonu (812 downloads) SA-I (515 downloads) FOM (368 downloads) LESSION PLAN OF DCS-I (0 downloads) Soil mechanics lab, PCC-CVE 306 (P) (637 downloads) Pavement Design (527 downloads)
Engineering Graphics And Design Civil by Jagjeet Singh (654 downloads) SA I LAB (542 downloads) Geology Lab (359 downloads) lesson plan of AFM LAB (0 downloads) FOME (620 downloads) Cconstruction Management (504 downloads)
Lesson plan of Maths by Kamlesh Rani (2387 downloads) Fluid Mechanics-I (527 downloads) geology (364 downloads) Lesson plan of S.A. 2ND (516 downloads) Lesson Plan of DSS-I (619 downloads) Estimation Costing & Valuation (528 downloads)
Lesson Plan Math CE,EE,ECE,FT,ME 1st Semester. (1003 downloads) Environmental Sciences (522 downloads) SA2 (355 downloads) lesson plan of SA-2 lab (513 downloads) Lesson plan of SST LAB (630 downloads)
Fluid Mechanics-I Lab (536 downloads) Soil Mechanics Lab (348 downloads) lesson plan of Surveying-2 lab (527 downloads) PCC-CVE306-T Soil Mechanics (655 downloads)
EBD LAB (522 downloads) soilmech (363 downloads) lesson plan of SURVEYING-II CE (545 downloads) SST Lesson plan (T) (631 downloads)
Building Construction, Materials and Drawing (526 downloads) Surveying 2 (364 downloads) 5th Semester Eco. (566 downloads) Fundamental of Management (623 downloads)
Surveying-II Lab (361 downloads) CVE-302T Transportation Engg-I (355 downloads)


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Name DesignationProfilePhoto
Sh. Manik GoyalAssistant Professor
Head of Department, Civil Engineering
Specialization in Structural Engineering
Teaching Experience 15 years
Email: [email protected]
Mob: 9466670070
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Ms.Manju GodaraAssistant Professor
M.Tech, from GJUS &T Hisar
Specialization in Transportation Engg.
2 Research paper published in National Journal
Teaching Experience 5 years
Email: [email protected]
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Sh. Kamaldeep Singh Assistant Professor
M.Tech. from NIT Kurukshetra Specialization in Water resource Engg.
Click Here
Sh. Harish Kumar Assistant Professor
M.Tech. from NIT Kurukshetra Specialization in Transportation Engg.
Click Here
Ms. Menka Assistant Professor
M.Tech. From MDU Rohtak
Specialization in Structural Engineering
Ph.d (Pursuing)
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