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Electrical Maintenance Section

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Ch. Devi Lal State Institute of Engineering & Technology College

Features Of Electrical Maintenance

  • This section of the Institute has independent feeder with 3 Commercial Electricity Connection with a sanctioned load is as:-

Institute            –                        319kW
Water Works             –              29kW
Sewerage Treatment Plant  – 10kW

  • This institute has 24 x 7 Hot Line Connection from State Electricity Board.
  • This Institute has its own Indoor Substation of 11kV.
  • In this substation, a transformer of rating 800kVA with VCB is installed
  • Due to the independent feeder, the Institute has an excellent power back-up with conversion of 11kV to 440V supply by the Indoor transformer.
  •  The Institute has also 63kVA D.G. Generator Set for power back-up.
  • The Institute is also following the norms of Energy Conservation Policy as notified time-to-time by the Competent Authority. Energy Conservation Guidelines (757 downloads)
  • From substation, 9 underground cables of diameter 185mm2 are taken out to control different sections/ building of Institute.

2 underground cables for Institute
2 underground cables for Boys Hostel
2 underground cables for Girls Hostel
1 underground cable for Street Lighting Control

(In all 01 cable is in working mode and another is in stand-by mode)

The Institute has main focus on energy saving/ conservation as per guidelines issued by Govt. and have implemented various Energy Conservation Measures:  

  1. Use of LED bulbs/ power efficient Equipment.
  2. Sensor-based Energy Conservation.
  3. Focus on Non-Conventional Energy Resources.

The Electricity section of the Institute has also made efforts for energy initiatives through the following:

  1. Annual Indoor 11kV Substation Inspection as per direction of Govt. of Haryana.
  2. Energy Audit carried out by the students.

Responsibilities and duties discharged by Electrical Maintenance Section:-

  • Allocation of maintenance jobs in Institute Academic area to outsourcing staff
  •  Will report for work in morning shift and be responsible for addressing emergent situation occurring during this shift
  •  Operation and maintenance of lifts in all campus, keeping track of their AMCs and making payment of AMC in due time
  •  Purchase installation and maintenance of various equipment e.g Air Conditioners, Water Coolers, UPS systems, Dessert coolers, Exhaust fans, RO systems etc. in all sections and departments of institute.
  •  Proper record of store, diesel, load demand, consumption etc.
  •  Monitoring and inspection of all electrical works executed by CPWD in the institute
  •  Allocation of maintenance jobs in the Hostels area to outsourcing staff
  •  Maintenance of street lighting in all campus: academic, residential and hostels.
  •  Operation and maintenance of all DG sets throughout campus and maintaining adequate stock of diesel.
  •  Loading tracking at 3 number of institute substations and load relief as when required.
  •  To maintain and make necessary efforts for substation sustainability.
  •  Reading, Dispatch and Recovery of electricity charges from Hostel sector which involves meter reading, issuing bills and collecting charges
  •  Maintenance of water supply motors
  •  Purchase, installation and maintenance of fire-fighting equipment (fire extinguishers) in the campus.
  •  Allocation of maintenance jobs in the Residential area to outsourcing staff
  •  Will report for work in morning shift, however be responsible for addressing emergent situation occurring during night shift
  •  Liaising with UHBVN for bulk electricity supply, maintaining record of electricity bills of institute.
  •  Recovery of electricity charges from residential sector which involves meter reading, issuing bills and collecting charges.
  •  Rewiring works of all old buildings and replacement of old distribution systems with LT Panels
  •  Commissioning of Lifts for persons with disabilities
  •  Diesel purchase for whole institute requirements
  •  Power saving measures time to time like replacement of old fixtures with LED and low wattage electrical appliances etc.
  •  To execute and maintain the renewable energy generation system
  •  Details sent to ministry time to time whenever requisites received
  •  To process the new cases for necessary electrical renovation or requirements of the institute with the vision of institute growth.
  •  Purchase the batteries/ UPS either by new purchase/ buyback for institute as suitable.
  •  And other jobs

Puneet Chawla CURRICULUM VITAE (769 downloads)
Associate Professor (Electrical Engg. Department)
Officer-in-Charge (Electricity)
Ch. Devi Lal State Institute of Engg. & Tech.
Panniwala Mota (Sirsa)
Mb. No. +9194167-88602
e-mail Id: [email protected]


Raman Kamboj

Assistant Professor (Guest Faculty)

Additional Officer-in-Charge (Electricity)
Ch. Devi Lal State Institute of Engg. & Tech.
Panniwala Mota (Sirsa)

Mb. No. 9992701901

Permission from HAREDA to Conduct Energy Audit